Canandaigua Hotel

The Canandaigua

Blossom's Canandaigua Hotel was one of the most famous inns in the "Western Country" of New York State in its day.

Blossom's was replaced by the Canandaigua Hotel which was destroyed by fire in 1971. Canandaigua Police Department headquarters is now on the site.

Canandaigua - A Stagecoach Town
            By Richard F. Palmer       
    Though  I have mentioned the lake first, the little town of Canandaigua precedes it, in returning from the west. It is a pretty village as ever man contrived to build. Every house is surrounded by an ample garden, and at that flowery season, they were half buried in roses.
    It is true these houses are of wood, but they are so neatly painted, in such perfect repair, and show so well within their leafy setting, that it is impossible not to admire them.
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And here is my Dad's rendition of "the Canandaigua"