Canandaigua Station

[ I apologize but the links to are dead now - because the domain has gone missing.  Hopefully it will come back, it was such a great resource of information] 

Here's a little bit about the Canandaigua Station (src. Western NY RR Archive)

Canandaigua was a stop on the Auburn Branch of the New York Central Railroad, was one end of the New York Central Canandaigua Branch to Batavia, and was the end of a branch of the  Northern Central Railroad (later the Pennsylvania Railroad).

It seems the photos I had linked to courtesy of have gone missing.  In fact the entire domain is missing now.

So below are a couple others I have downloaded over the course of my research.

Canandaigua Station on a postcard

Canandaigua Station with Canandaigua Hotel up the street