Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Main Street

Its been a while since I've posted, and not a whole lot has changed, life has been busy upstairs.  I make it down to Canandaigua once and a while and maybe get about 10 to 15 minutes of work here and there, so progress has been slow.

In this picture to the left, you can see some work has been done.  Firstly, I've added a sheet of white Styrofoam to give some elevation to the town.  In reality main street goes down-hill toward the lake, the foam is carved with a slight slope to represent the descent south toward the lake.  It hard to see here, but I do have 2 layers of foam in some places for more elevation character. 

The brown is my own custom mix for base ground.  Its drywall compound, brown latex paint and saw-dust, mixed to a semi-thick, yet spreadable goop.  I applied and spread it around with a putty knife.  Since the paint is mixed in, if you chip off a lump, or have to sand it down, it stays brown.

 Also here I've used normal off the shelf drywall compound for the road, again applied with a simple putty knife, its still wet in this photo.

Below are some pictures after sanding and the first staining with an india-ink / alcohol mix and a light patching with thin layers of compound. When this is dry I'll stain it all a few more times to get a nice dark weathred grey.  The new patches will be slightly lighter than the rest, adding to the aged, weathered look. That's the yellow Town Hall in the background of the first two pics, and the Canandaigua Hotel in the background of the third.

Since my tools were already dirty, I figured I'd keep laying road. Here is the road that goes by the station, along with a back alley way that opens to the station's parking lot

That's about all the progress right now, I'll post some pictures when the roads are complete

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