Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Structures for the C&AR : The CDGA Station

So my dad has gotten into building structures for my layout.  Since this is Canandaigua, I needed to have the Canandaigua train station.  There are a few old pictures online - and through some information from my dad - I was able to find it via google maps.  Dad also found out coincidentally the same day that the station was still standing, albiet 'updated'.  He drove into town that weekend, took a bunch of photos and measurements.

Well for Christmas, I received the Canandaigua station - which is awesome and is the focal point of the layout. As you can tell, really nothing other than track has been added to Canandaigua, (or anywhere else for that matter) so there's no backdrop yet, no balast or other ground cover.  I threw people and a couple trees next to the station just to get a feel for the area and decide what I want to do around there.

You can see original pictures from the 1900's on the Canandaigua Station Page and he's done a great job.  He used the colors from the colorized picture and I just love it.

Since I'm modeling the New York Central, he also gave me this as a Christmas gift - an authentic New York Central System Time Table, which includes the Auburn Road schedule - very cool.  This will get unfolded and pressed between plexiglass plates so you can see both sides.  I'll mount it on a frame that will allow it to rotate and mount it somewhere in the layout room.

I'm pretty excited about both of these gifts, and its given me some momentum to get things rolling.

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